Covid-19 Safety Procedures

Showing symptoms of Covid-19
No child should attend the Centre if they, or any member of their household, are experiencing any Covid-19 related symptoms, or have been asked to self-isolate due to contact with an infected person. Please inform us if this happens and remember to list the Centre if you are asked to give details of contacts to Track and Trace.

If your child is unable to attend a lesson because of these restrictions, please contact us as soon as you can. Where possible we will offer an on-line lesson as an alternative.

If a team member or student is confirmed as having Covid-19 we will follow the Government guidance for Out of School Settings and work with NHS Track and Trace, please ensure that the contact details we hold for you are fully up to date.

Lateral flow testing
Tutors are strongly encouraged to undertake lateral flow testing twice weekly (according to their attendance at the Centre) to assure the safety of our students. We expect secondary school students to be doing the same at their school setting, according to the Government guidance. Primary school students will not be expected to undertake lateral flow testing.

Arrival at the Centre
We are staggering the start and finish times of lessons to spread the arrival and departure times of students (and to allow for sanitising teaching areas between each lesson). You can help us by dropping off and collecting your child promptly.

To minimise footfall within our hall and office area we would like you to drop off and collect your child at the door.

Temperatures will be taken on arrival. Please wait until your child’s temperature has been checked before leaving.

For the moment we will not be providing a drink and snack for students, so please provide your child with these if you feel they will need them during their lesson.

Communication with the Tutor/Admin staff
We understand that this arrangement will mean that you do not see your child’s tutor at the end of the lesson, which is a valued contact for many parents. Please be assured that your child’s tutor will be happy to keep you abreast of progress by email or telephone.

Tutors will also use a Home/Centre diary to let parents know what has been covered in a lesson, and work set.

Please convey any messages to the tutor or office via e-mail or telephone.

Please pay fees by online banking to minimise footfall in our office.

All students and visitors to the Centre will be asked to use hand sanitiser on arrival. The ground floor WC is designated for pupils and visitors and will be cleaned after use.

Students will no longer ‘sign-in’ in the office but will instead let the member of staff on duty know they have arrived, and a record of attendance kept in the office.

Each teaching room is well ventilated and will be sanitised after each individual lesson.

All communal areas and toilets will be sanitised during the day on a regular basis.

Hand sanitiser will be available during the lessons and tutors will remind students to use it as

All rooms have their own supply of tissues, along with a pedal-operated, lidded waste bin for the disposal of used tissues.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
All teaching rooms have been reorganised to facilitate working at 2 m distance. However, we recognise that there are times when it is necessary to reduce this distance to support the student effectively, e.g., modelling an activity or monitoring the student’s work.

Because much of our work focusses on the accurate processing of spoken language using a mask may have a negative impact on the teaching and learning situation. Therefore, if working at less than 2 m tutors will usually use either a visor or Perspex table screen. If a tutor wishes to wear a mask, she will inform the parents of this.

All adults and secondary school students are expected to wear a mask in the communal areas. Once in the teaching room, secondary students will have the choice of whether they keep their mask on or remove it for the duration of the lesson.

To minimise sharing of resources each student will be provided with a learning pack containing pen, pencil, whiteboard, marker etc. This will be stored in the Centre for their exclusive use.

Any equipment such as games which may be shared between pupils will be sanitised after each use.

We will use a ‘quarantine’ system for books or other printed resources which cannot be
sanitised after use, so that they are not reused by another student within 72 hours.


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