Student Stories

‘Coming to the Centre has helped 100% because my grades are higher.’
Ben aged 13

‘It’s fun and its helped really, really a lot. I’ve got much better results in my tests.’
Maxwell aged 9

‘Coming to the Centre has helped me realize that I can do so much.’
Louis aged 9

‘I like having a fun teacher.’
Saachi aged 10

‘I’ve got a kind, helpful teacher.’
Scatha aged 8

‘The lessons have helped me a lot. It teaches me a lot of tricks to help me in school.’
Henry aged 11

‘Now I have a better understanding of spelling e.g. syllables, looking for words in words and making flash cards.’
Richard aged 11

‘The Centre is warm and cosy!’
Humayd aged 7

‘I learn lots!’
Luca aged 7

‘The Centre has helped me a lot because now I know lots of things I didn’t know before!’
Sophia aged 8

‘Everyone is very nice and helpful and it smells nice! It feels like home.’
Francis aged 11

Kyarna aged 10

‘On a scale out of 10 that would be a 9!’
Alexandra aged 9

‘It’s quite fun!’
Noah aged 10

‘I get to work on stuff I’m not too sure of. I think it’s helped me a lot.’
George aged 10

‘The Centre is 10 out of 10.’
Kirsty aged 8

‘I would grade the Centre 10 out of 10.’
Liam aged 11

‘Coming to the Centre has made me more confident.’
Toby aged 10

‘It’s helped me 100% because I am doing better in my tests and my reading level is now 4C.’
Oran aged 10

‘I think it’s a good, helpful place.’
Connor aged 11


Play therapy/Counselling

‘The best thing is saying my things that I can’t say to other people’
Girl aged 8

‘I like to be able to talk and talk, it’s helped such a lot.’
Boy aged 12

‘Talking has given me new hope.’
Girl aged 15

‘Things really changed and I’m so glad I spoke to you! I know I wouldn’t be here now without you.’
Boy aged 13

‘I like to draw and colour pictures and it makes me feel better’
Girl aged 7

‘I feel safe and that whatever I say I won’t be in trouble with you’
Boy aged 11

‘I thought therapy was going to be weird but it’s really fun and it helps!’
Boy aged 9

‘I think I’m beginning to realize it’s ok to be me’
Girl aged 13

‘Thank you so much for helping through all the hard situations, I really do know I have improved loads!’
Boy aged 13

‘You have changed my life for the better and it means a lot to me. I thought I’d never change but I’m nearly there. The BIGGEST thank you.’
Girl aged 15

‘I’m myself now!’


Past Students

‘We all know that our dear daughter has been transformed from a near no-hoper to a child with a good future. Without the Dyslexia Centre this would not have been possible. The anxiety that has been taken away from us is immeasurable – we have been so lucky! Words cannot express how grateful we are to you!’

‘The Dyslexia Centre is a breath of fresh air and it’s great to think that such a place exists!’

‘We’re so lucky to have had you teach our daughter!’

‘Thank you for all your understanding and support.’

‘You gave our daughter the confidence to feel good about what she does’

‘Samantha had little confidence at the beginning but her achievements have been greater than we expected.’

‘Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL times where we learnt whilst having fun!’

It has been a pleasure knowing you, Mrs Cookson, over the years and for all the comfort and reassuring advice you have given – which was very much appreciated. A big thank you.’

‘Thank you for all the wonderful activities you taught me. Your student friend, Ted.’

‘Thank you for all the help you have given over the years (who ever would have thought I would be doing A levels!)

Those fifty minutes were in his words ‘the nicest part of my week’ and we saw his confidence rise and his feelings about education quickly change.’

‘We were very grateful for you helping us when we were at our most stressed out!

‘Josh has completed a B.A. Hons in Philosophy, MSc in Politics, Bar Vocational Course, worked on the legal team for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. So I often think that the time you spent helping him in the early days was so truly worthwhile!’

‘You have been so kind to our daughter, she was secure in knowing you were around if she needed you.’

‘Thank you for helping me learn and not get so frustrated. I will really, really miss you.’

‘We appreciate so much what you have achieved with our children! We know that their future successes will be based on the foundations that you have laid. We will never forget what you have done for them.’

‘I have achieved a place at Bristol University, something that a few years ago seemed a far-fetched idea. I want to thank you primarily for showing me that dyslexia doesn’t have to stop you from being an academic, you just have to work that bit harder. You provided a place where I enjoyed learning and that knowledge has helped to get me to where I am today. Thank You.’

‘Thank you for all the help and understanding you have given our daughter. Her life has been much better since she came to you. Her self confidence has grown, her school achievements have greatly improved and she is happier in herself.’

‘I think you have inspired me to become a teacher because I noticed how you all liked to help children with difficulties. Thank you very much, I will never forget you.’

‘Thank you for all the help you have given to Ellie. It has hugely lessened my anxiety to feel always that she was in the best possible hands educationally and it has been a lifeline, the difference in her mood has at times seemed almost miraculous.’

‘All of you have made a great difference to our son’s life and ours. With our very best wishes and our eternal thanks.’

‘Thank you all for your time, incredible patience and your professional knowledge.’

‘Thanks for all your help. You have helped me gain my confidence and be more sure of myself.’

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your enthusiasm, support and hard work! Many children, and their anxious parents, have benefitted from your calm understanding, listening ear and experience. Your empathy and concern has helped me through some difficult worries. Thank you.’

Thank you for the part you have played in this and for your compassion and kindness in the situation. My words seem too small but are nevertheless heartfelt.’

‘Thank you for all your encouragement and support. Thanks also for the calming influence during what has been for us an anxious few months as we have tried to get the best support for our daughter.’

‘Sincere thanks for all your help with regards to our son. You have helped him in ways too numerous to mention. You have given him confidence and forethought so he can go into his secondary school accepting dyslexia and aiming to reach as high as he possible can with the knowledge that he CAN do it.’

‘Thank you once again for your embracing and caring attitude.’

‘Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, I’ll remember the time I spent with you always.’

‘We are forever indebted to you for the fantastic support you have given Joseph and ourselves. We are delighted with the progress he has made.’

‘So many times Lawrence and I felt so utterly helpless and then there you were! Thank you is too short, the words should have 50 letters each to show the size of our gratitude!’