Admissions Policy

  • Students will be of school age or older (except in the case of referrals to counselling or therapy).
  • Students can be referred to the Centre by their parents/carers or by their school, subject to parental consent. Adult students can self-refer.
  • Students will generally have a Specialist Teacher Assessment or an Educational Psychologist Assessment for Specific Learning Difficulties before starting a course of lessons (except in the case of referrals to counselling or therapy).
  • Students are funded by the parents/carers or, in the case of adults, self-funded. In some cases the costs may be covered by the student’s school or college or by their Statement of Special Educational Needs.
  • A Registration Form must be completed before assessments or lessons can begin.
  • Fees must be paid in advance and a half a term’s notice given prior to termination of lessons.
  • Timing of lessons is negotiable, early lessons beginning at 8am and all lessons finishing by 6pm, Monday to Friday.
  • We do not encourage younger students to attend lessons before or after school (except in the case of referrals to counselling or therapy).
  • Homework club is open to KS3/4 students by arrangement.

Assessment Policy

Assessment at the Centre includes Specialist Teacher Assessments and Assessments by visiting professionals e.g. Educational Psychologist, Speech Therapist and Occupational Therapist by arrangement.

  • A range of standardised tests is used for assessment e.g.


  • Specialist Teacher Assessments are carried out by qualified Specialist Assessors and the reports are quality controlled by the Head of Centre.
  • Verbal feedback is given to parents in a follow up meeting. In the case of adults, the results are discussed with the student.
  • Assessment/testing tools are updated on a regular basis in line with requirements.
  • Assessors hold OCR Level 7 qualifications and attend training seminars on a regular basis.