We offer a range of assessments for children and adults.

Specialist Teacher Assessment

Specialist Teacher Assessment is available for children and adults. An assessment takes approximately two hours. It involves a general overview of underlying ability, including verbal and non-verbal skills. Literacy and numeracy measures are used to gauge current attainment levels. Diagnostic tests, including measures of phonology and working memory, are used to establish any evidence of dyslexia/specific learning difficulties.

Background information is collected prior to the assessment, via questionnaires and discussions with parents. Parents are invited to a follow-up meeting to discuss the results. The report contains detailed recommendations for use at home and school.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment is available for children and adults.

A Psychological Assessment provides an in-depth analysis of cognitive strengths and weakness by measuring a range of verbal and non-verbal skills. Literacy, numeracy and further diagnostic tests are also administered.

The assessment provides evidence of discrepancies within the learning profile, identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses. Results can be used to direct teaching programmes and to support children within school. A range of adult concerns including provision during higher and further education are also addressed. The results are usually discussed immediately following the assessment and a detailed report will be sent on.

Access Arrangements

We provide assessments for Key Stage 2 SATS, GCSE and A-Level access arrangements and DSA for university students.

Occupational Therapy Assessment

A paediatric occupational therapy assessment involves a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments. Tasks requiring gross and fine motor coordination, visual perception and visual motor integration are assessed over a two hour period.  A comprehensive report is provided outlining strengths and weaknesses, quantitative and qualitative data, concluding with recommendations and home/school programmes.

Speech and Language Assessment

Speech and language therapists offer a range of assessments according to the needs of the individual. Initial assessments usually last two hours and are followed by a comprehensive written report. In addition we provide shorter assessments, where a preliminary opinion is required. These last about an hour and are followed by verbal feedback. We also conduct progress assessments and mid-term reviews. We are happy to discuss which option is suitable for your needs.

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‘Sincere thanks for all your help and advice to our son. You have helped in ways too numerous to mention. You have given him confidence and forethought so he can accept his dyslexia and aim to reach as high as he possibly can.’